Investment Strategy

Simplicity has been our core approach. Value generation is our prime focus.

Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Indiareit) has evolved as a preferred choice of partner for both, the developer and the investor. This has been demonstrated through the team’s strong understanding of the Real Estate market, proprietary relationships with leading developers and successful exits from investments.

Our investment strategy is defined by:

  • Pursuing opportunities that we believe are the most compelling
  • Driving strong execution through partnerships with strong local developers
  • Implementing various risk mitigation techniques to protect our investments

Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. targets what it believes is the most compelling segment of Indian real estate. The Fund Manager typically targets investments in residential projects in select tier 1 cities. Developments can be either greenfield or brownfield with the end pricing targeted at a level that Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. believes will be saleable to a large segment of the population. By financing housing that is appealing to a large market segment, Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. ensures that there will be significant demand for its developments thereby resulting in quick absorption of its projects.

While India has several developers that do business on a national basis, Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. partners with strong local developers. In negotiating an agreement with the developer, the goal is to structure the partnership such that the investor’s, developer’s and Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd.’s economic interests are aligned.